2022.03.21 The new automated VMocap system was reported in NHK News program on TV.

2021.10 Dr. Cesar Hernandez-Rayes joined as Project Researcher.

2021.02 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura received IEEE RAS Pioneer Award for pioneering contributions to the foundations of optimization and computation for large-DOF mechanisms and their application to human neuromuscular analysis

2021.01 Yoshihisa Shibata joined as Project Academic Support Specialist.

2020.10 Prof. Tianwei Zhang returned to China and joined Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society.

2020.10 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura appointed as Technical Advisor for All Japan Taekwondo Association.

2020.10 Osamu Sawanobori, Xenoma, joined as Private Sector Collaborate Researcher.

2020.09 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura received Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award, Robotics Society of Japan: Tianyi Ko, Hiroshi Kaminaga and Yoshihiko Nakamura, “Key design parameters of a few types of electro-hydrostatic actuators for humanoid robots,” Advanced Robotics, Vol. 32, No. 23, pp. 1241-1252, 2018.

2020.09 Naoko Takashima joined as Secretary.

2020.09 Kohei Yamazaki, NAC Image Technology, joined as Private Sector Collaborate Researcher.

2020.07 Prof. Milutin Nikolic returned to Serbia and joined University of Novi Sad as Associate Professor.

2020.06 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura elected IEEE Life Fellow.

2020.06 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura elected Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo.

2020.06 Corporate Sponsored Research Program “Human-Motion Data Science” started.

2020.04 Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura received JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for “Research on Motion and Control of Large Degrees-of-Freedom Systems including Humanoids and Humans”

2020.04 Dr. Milutin Nikolic joined as Project Academic Support Specialist.

2020.04 Human Motion Data Science Laboratory launched. Dr. Yoshihiko Nakamura joined as Senior Researcher.